02 December 2010

Why Beautiful Girls Doesn't Have Boyfriend?

Have anyone of you out there, have this thought crossed over your mind?
Well if you have, then we're both not too far from the main point here.

You know I have this beautiful friend, and she's such a pretty lady, most of the guys around, adored her beauty. With a body shape that could brings jelousy in every girls (you know, there're all met the specifications of this part should looks bigger, and those part should looks smaller), clear and bright skins, long shining hair, round bright eyes, and a wonderful smile, she has such a natural beauty that every girls wished to have.
What a perfectness of God's creatures!

But you see, the problem is, I never saw her hanging around with any guy. You know, Dating.

I assumed that she might have someone, secretly. You know, maybe that's her privacy, and she felt comfortable that way.
But I was wrong. We talked heart to heart, and she told me how she live through her lonely life all those time,and how she want and wished to have someone that would love her, care for her and fade her loneliness away!
I was shocked to hear them from her very own mouth!
No boyfriend? wow..
She told me her curiosness about the guys around that never wanna show any interest on her, but still wanna try to flirt her at the back, at the same time. That's weired. Totally weird for me. Those guys might be just gay if they haven't got any interest on a girl like her. lol

So, that's it about my beautiful friend. Now lets go back to our main topic.

In my point of view, there are several reasons why beautiful girls doesn't have boyfriend;

i) Guys afraid to approach beautiful girls because; they afraid of rejection. You know, the odd of "beautiful girls is just for a good looking guy"..nonsense.

ii) The girl's demands on materials. Not all but most of them have this common attitude of "If you want me, you must satisfy all my needs and wants." (you know sometime "all" means from food stuffs, clothes, jeweleries, etc).
With the package that they have, they expect guys will do anything for them.

iii) Guys expect that beautiful girls must already have someone special. Or maybe more than someone. (Even though the reality is, she's lonely to death!)

iv) Beautiful girl's tend to be very choosy. "Hey, look at me.. then look at you. We're SO not made for each other."

How to overcome these?

i) Guys, have you ever watched "Beauty and the Beast"? well, if not, you better watched them. Seriously.

ii) Girls, you're beautiful. Be thankfull. Demand for something that make sense of. (But if you have a millionaire, then you're lucky. You deserve them).

iii) Guys you can't tell that she already have a boyfriend just by her looks. Ask, start a move, and flirt!!

iv) Girls, it's good to be a litle bit choosy. We want someone that met our expectation. Good heart, good looking, good attitudes. What else matter? But be moderate. Nobodys perfect.

So, Guys, rub off those negative thoughts, and Girls, be moderate.
Change those changeable. But be yourself. That's the only way we can have someone that will understand and able to stand by our side forever.

Beauty is a gift.
Happy for those, whose granted with a natural beauty, a beauty that enriched with a good heart and attitudes.
And remember, beauty comes from you. Your very own self.
“The greatest treasures are those invisible to the eye but found by the heart.”

Don't take these seriously.
These were just my very own views. Cheers!