15 November 2011


Never underestimated the power of Flower girls. They can make your wedding even merrier.
Her smiles will make the guests happy as well! Enjoy my collection of Flower Girl's dresses.

15 May 2011

Wedding Bouquet Collections

Be it sensuous, fun or elegant theme of wedding, there will always a need of bouquet to compliment with the wedding.
We may found a lots of wedding bouquet out there, but we end up hard to decide and choose which one that fits us the most.
Maybe some are still not clear of what kind of bouquet they want to have. Roses, Orkid, or Lily? What about the color, Red, Blue, or White?
So here, I have some pictures of beautiful wedding bouquets for you to view through. They are all my favorite. Who knows, you might be clear of hows your wedding bouquet will be after you saw all these wonderful pictures.